I would like to tell you about our first charitable event. On 08.08.2021. We visited a small village named Bódvalenke. We decided to visit this village first because bigger organizations don’t notice small communities like this. Anyone who is aware of our goals knows that we are looking to help places just like this.

We arrived at the scene at 9:00 am, where we met our helpers, Fehér Szív és Angyalai Egyesület, to whom we would like to thank for organizing and everything else. The residents already knew about our arrival so they greeted us with erupting joy. And we immediately started to brighten up the day for the kids there.

Our donations came in a truck. It included clothes, sweets, soft drinks and ingredients for the food, which we prepared locally. The luch was a great success. After luch we had watermelons which were also enjoyed by everyone. Later we started distributing chocolate and all the other donations were distributed. (We managed to distributed donations worth more than HUF 500,000 in total)

I dont’ want to write long paragraphs this is just a short report.(You ‘ll also see a video about everything). But I should also mention that it can be mentally draining when you see these situations up close. But i ll have to add that the feeling when you see how many people you helped and how happy they became then you feel like it was worth starting this whole thing and even if for just a short time the world became a better place.

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